Generic Levitra

With Levitra, the erection would be produced through a very complex line of events. This would be involving the signals from your nervous system and then the release of your chemical messengers that is in your tissues of your penis. One of your chemical messengers would be called the cyclic GMP.


The cyclic GMP would cause your blood vessels to widen just by relaxing the thin layer of the muscles that would be found in your blood vessel walls. Allowing more of the blood to be able to enter your penis, which will ultimately then result in your penis to become rigid and very erect.


As the Levitra enhances actions of your chemical messengers that are responsible for the production of your erection, it would only be able to work once the messengers would be present. That means that the sexual stimulation would be required in order for you to produce and then maintain your erection. The dose would need to be taken about 25 minutes or an hour before you would be having intercourse, and then it might still produce your erection when you have had the sexual stimulation for up to about five hours after you have taken your dose.


The side effect would depend on the individual. There are many side effects to taking the drug and not everyone will experience these side effects. Many of their common side effects would be, dizziness, flushing, headaches, inflammation to your lining of your nose, nose bleeding, indigestion, vision disturbances, nausea, being very tired, an increased heart rate, either low or high blood pressure, palpitations, hard time breathing, fainting, increased tension or pain in your muscles, very painful and prolonged erections, photosensitivity, anxiety and last but not least chest pains.


These side effects may not have every side effect possible due to the drug. If you want more information on the other possible risks that would be associated with the medication, then please consult the doctor or a pharmacist.


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